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Hire an Architect in Kings Hill

Your project is closer than you think, Book a free consultation with a registered Architect today and let's make it happen together.

King's Hill heralds the Kent vernacular when it comes to architecture, from Hope Farm to Manor Park. An architect local to the area can help bring a project in King's Hill to reality by realized your project design, managing your planning application and coordinating construction. We're here to help take the stress out of building. We offer a broad range of services which include:

- Construction design and UK building regulation compliance.
- Planning applications and managing additional consultants.
- Project managment and construction contract administration.
- Home improvements including refurbishments and extensions.
- Green Building works
- Listed building works including oasthouses and historical buildings.
- Retail space and shopfront design.
- Conservation area works and planning.

Does you building host listed grade 1, 2 or 2* status? hiring an Architect with experience with listed buildings is key to ensuring permission can be granted while keeping your building in the best quality. 

Home improvements can be the most cost-effective and time efficient method of achieving your dream home. With a registered architect's skills and knowledge, your can make more of your space, win more at planning and reduce your budget through clever construction design and strategy. 



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