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Green Homes Grant Scheme - What is it & am I Eligible? 

Find out what Green Homes Grant Schemes and Green Design can do for you below.

What is the Green Homes Grant Scheme?

It is part of the UK Government's £3billion investment in green technology, and part of the 2050 carbon neutral target. This is split into:

- £1billion to upgrade public buildings and social housing

- £2billion towards vouchers and making homes energy-efficient.

Low income households may be eligible for the full cost of Green Building house improvements, up to £10,000.

For other households the grant is to cover at least two thirds of the cost, up to £5,000.


What Does the Grant Cover?

Homeowners will be able to use the grant for anything commonly reducing heat loss and saving on energy bills, this includes:

Insulation - In the Roof, Loft, Floor or Walls

Green Applicances - Green Boilers, Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps and MVHR.

Windows - Double glazed, triple glazed and PassivHaus certified

Lighting -  low-energy lighting (suggesting LED)

Doors - including triple glazed and PassivHaus certified doors.

A list of accredited suppliers will be available in September


How Do I Apply For the Grant?

It is available now, follow the link here

Options will be available in order to state how you are making your home more energy efficient.

More information will be updated via the UK Gov Website.


Is it Worth it?

According to the UK Government, the scheme will save households £300 a year on energy bills.

Given our experience in the sector this depends heavily on:

- The state and age of your property
- The items you wish to upgrade
- The extent of your project ( Whether it is part of a larger project or not )
- The design and strategy

For more detailed information, Sean Michael Payne is a certified Passive House Designer and Green Building expert. We are currently taking free, no commitment consultations to help you with your project. 



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